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Charter of Rights

for the Masonry and Concrete Industry

We promise to abide by the following “Customer’s Charter of Rights” for the Masonry and Concrete Industry by ensuring:
  1. That each and every job is done to the highest industry standards, with no cutting corners for any reason.
  2. That we will always deliver what we promise.
  3. That each and every job site will be left as clean as, or cleaner than it was at the beginning of the job.
  4. That we will treat the customer’s property with respect and ensure that the working site remains a safe and healthy environment.
  5. That we will treat all premises neighbouring the working site in a polite and courteous manner.
  6. That we will adhere to all legal and health and safety regulations relevant to the work at hand.
  7. That at all times, we will carry out work to the best of our ability and ensure that employees/subcontractors are monitored to ensure that they do likewise.
  8. That we will adhere to the agreed upon time frames before commencing work.
  9. That we will inform the customer as soon as possible when there are unavoidable problems or delays.
  10. That we guarantee that every customer will receive fair, honest and ethical treatment.
  11. That all customers will be treated the way we and our families would like to be treated.
  12. That we will ensure that any waste material is disposed of in an appropriate manner.
  13. That we will inform the customer about any relevant maintenance or operating issues with regards to the completed work.
  14. That if needed, we will agree to a date to return and correct any defects which may have arisen as a result of the contract undertaken, in accordance with any guarantees offered.
  15. That when a written quote is given, we will never arbitrarily add any costs to that quote without first going over it with the customer — protecting our customers from any unknown price changes during a job.
  16. That our service vehicles will be fully stocked with the necessary equipment for the job that has to be done to ensure quick service.
  17. That we will honour any warranty given.
  18. That we will invest in the most advanced equipment in our industry to ensure our customers get the best and fastest service possible.
  19. That all employees will do whatever is necessary to resolve any customer’s concerns.
  20. That every employee shall act honestly and work with integrity while working on a customer’s property.
  21. That alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited while our employees are on the job.
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