Banas Stone Installation

Our featured supplier — is Banas Stones® a major natural stone supplier.  All natural stone is quarried ethically with the highest safety and ethical standards.

A&A Masonry installs Banas Stones in porches, landings, patios, pool decks and backyard landscaping.

Banas Stone is just one of the stone manufactures that A&A use. The GTA has some very top notch Natural Stone suppliers and we will be featuring them in our website. Below are some of the colours & the different types of stone you can use when using Banas Stone.


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Banas Stone Steps Landing
Banas Stone Pool Deck



Banas Stones®
Sandstone Slate Grey
Limestone Algonquin Brown
Banas Stones®
Limestone Algonquin Brown
Banas Stones®
Granite Jet Black
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