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Stone Fireplace

Fireplace Stone Veneers

A completely custom fireplace design using traditional stone becomes the focal point of any room. This also adds comfort and value to your home. Stone veneers or stone cladding as some would call it, adds that traditional look to any fireplace.

When the festive season starts or there is a bit of a chill in the air your custom stone or brick fireplace will give comfort and bring a sense of peace for years to come and of course it’s a great place to hang your stockings!

Some of the different fireplace stone veneers used are:

Ledgestone Fireplaces — utilize small strips of stone to create a contemporary or a more traditional design.

Fieldstone Fireplace — stones that look like they were found in a field.

Concrete Fireplace — A concrete fireplace will give your home a clean minimalistic look, or a modern industrial look.

Marble Fireplace — The material of choice for modern fireplaces, marble creates an upscale look that’s more than dramatic.

Granite Fireplace  This material is usually used for accents, like mantels or hearth. Like marble the look is very upscale.

Marble Fireplace


Granite Fireplace


Stone Fireplace


Marble Fireplace

Granite Fireplace

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