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Chimney Rebuilds and Repairs

Inspecting your chimney and getting the needed repairs done will help prevent the risk of fire, leaks and improve the overall look of your home.

Chimney rebuilds can be partial or complete. Chimney Repair could

include a variety of different things, from tuckpointing (filling in the mortar between the joints, where the mortar has eroded), or fixing a chimney liner when it has been damaged or is old and needs replacing.

Getting your chimney fixed, especially in Toronto, where there is so much freezing and thawing happening is very important.

Leaving it can lead to leaks where water comes into the house through the chimney which in turn leads to unnecessary expenses! Sometimes part of the chimney would need rebuilding, but you must ensure that when the top part of the chimney is rebuilt the bottom, part must be solid and in good shape or it is pointless. The bottom part will erode further, and you will end up having to rebuild the gas chimney liner whole chimney later on.

A&A Masonry will do a full inspection of the chimney and ensure that what you need gets communicated and the job is done right the first time!

Our chimney repair and rebuild service extends to Hamilton, Burlington & Oakville.

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