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The most elegant finish you can offer your outdoor spaces is probably natural stone paving, (interlocking stone) since it combines top-notch natural elements with an ever-changing, one-of-a-kind appearance. This results in a stunning appearance for your home that exudes elegance.

Natural Stone Driveways, Natural Stone Walkways, Natural Stone Patios & Natural Stone Pool Decks

Interlocking Stone & Pavers Installs

Paving Stones

What is the difference between paving stones, brick pavers, and interlocking pavers? A paver is a stone, concrete block or brick used to lay on a flat surface to make a patio, driveway or walkway. The best types of pavers are those that will interlock with the sand placed between them.

Interlocking pavers

These manufactured paving stones come in a wide range of shapes and colours coordinated to produce a paving pattern once installed. Such designs are so visually appealing sometimes they are preferred over more expensive stone and tile.

Precast unit pavers

Ordinary precast pavers produce a surface with crisp, uniformly shaped units such as squares or brick-like rectangles in various sizes.

Tumbled precast unit pavers
Tumbled precast pavers

Precast unit pavers are tumbled at the factory to produce a more natural looking surface. Tumbled pavers can suggest a more aged appearance that more accurately mimics the look of hewn stone. Tumbled pavers also offer a softer edge that may prove safer in high activity areas such as swimming pool decks and adjacent to sports courts.

Open Cell pavers

These are specially made unit pavers designed to allow water to drain through openings in the paver itself or through those set into the edges that result in increased flow through the joints. While designed to increase permeability in parking lots, they are equally valuable for zero runoff homesite paving.

Natural Stone pavers/Natural Stone Paving Slabs:

Stone Patio Slabs

While approximately the same size as precast concrete units, they are natural stone cut into into similar units.

It’s summertime when people start thinking about sprucing up their outdoor spaces, especially their hardscape. But whether you’re looking to rebuild your patio, deck, walkway or driveway, you can consider using permeable (also known as pervious) materials instead of asphalt or concrete.

While asphalt and concrete have been the go-to outdoor surfaces for years, they have very few benefits other than being one of the least expensive options. A better choice would be paving stones or Natural Interlocking Stone.

Interlocking pavers come from cement or concrete or natural stone such as Flagstone, granite, marble, limestone, sandstone and slate. Pavers made from concrete or cement tend to simulate the effects of cobblestone pathways.

Interlocking stone patio

This unique interlocking feature enables paver installation without the use of mortar.

Interlocking pavers have the advantage of being an accessible self-installation paving material for the contractor.

Interlocking pavers & stones connect through sand and can cover any patio, decking, driveway or walkway. Pavers are an alternative to virtually any application that you would typically use, bricks or concrete.

Pavers are available in many colours and designs. They are modular, meaning that they connect to form a variety of geometric designs.


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Hardscape means using hard elements in landscape design that would in most cases remain the same for many years. These are the elements like Stone Retaining Walls or an Outdoor Kitchen. Stone Walkways, paver patios, Natural Stone Pool Decks are elements that would last for many years without the need of change.

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