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Commercial Exterior Painting

Introducing SurGuard® Coating Products

SurGuard Can Paints

High Breathability

SurGuard® Acrylic Coating is an acrylic, high build, breathable and water-repellent exterior masonry coating.

Environmentally Friendly

SurGuard® Acrylic Coating Eco-Friendly with Low V.O.C.s, exceeds North American Standards.

Proprietary Urethane Coating

Our advanced Urethane coatings is formulated to provide a shield against rain, snow or harsh UV rays.


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A&A President, Al Pringle talks on Frank Cohn’s HOME IMPROVEMENT SHOW about SurGuard® High Build Acrylic Coating and how its the only solution for home foundation longevity.

SurGuard® is an acrylic, high build, breathable and water-repellent exterior masonry coating.

Its unique chemical composition of inert inorganic pigments and fibres makes SurGuard® weather immune, durable and unaffected by temperature fluctuations. It is also an affordable exterior coating.

What Is SurGuard® High Build Acrylic Coating?

World Class Since 1957

Since 1957, the SurGuard® Patented formula has flourished as a key product line for export. Due to its high performance in extreme temperatures, is an affordable choice for all climate zones.

With satisfied customers worldwide: from the deserts of Arabia, to the salty seasides of the Caribbean, from the torrential rains of Eastern U.S.A., to the bitter colds of Northern China & Canada. This coating has proven it has the ability to outperform many other coatings in the international market, and it is a world class product!

When looking for a durable and safe solution for your exterior painting needs? Traditional brick painting methods can trap moisture, leading to deterioration and damage, especially in our cold climates. But with SurGuard®, you no longer have to worry about these issues. Our innovative acrylic paint is designed for the modern building, providing a breathable, weatherproof, and environmentally friendly coating. Read on to discover how SurGuard® can protect and enhance your property.

Weatherproof & Protective:

Utilizes the most stable, inorganic components and pigments to ensure total weatherability and permanency of colour. It repels rain, sleet and snow and virtually eliminates vulnerability to the elements.

Fire Retardant: Will not combust. It is completely fire retardant.

In Full Colour:

Our specialized masonry coating doesn’t just offer unparalleled durability and protection—it also comes in a full spectrum of colors to match any palette offered by leading paint companies.

High Breathability:

It is a key property that eliminates vapour pressure build-up behind the coating. Water vapour passes freely, thus eliminating the possibility of blistering, peeling or spalling.

Exceeds all North American standards for V.O.C. content. It is water-based and environmentally friendly, with less than 2% volatile organic compound per 3.785 litres.

Durable and Flexible:

Virtually indestructible. It will not dent, corrode, peel, chip or delaminate. It is unaffected by alkali, which can affect the integrity and longevity of the building materials.

Because it is a water emulsion and chemically inert, there can be no acid-alkali reaction, and because of this, there is no subsequent delamination of the coating. It offers excellent resistance to sudden and wide temperature fluctuations.

Low Maintenance:

Being virtually indestructible yet flexible with excellent impact resistance, SurGuard® High Build Acrylic Coating is no mere paint film. It is unaffected by water, salt, acids, alkalis and the corrosive elements in smoke and smog. This coating will last a very long time, saving you money on maintenance.

Commercial Building Painted

Our Process

Job Inspection


We start with a full job inspection, to see the full scope of the job and then we give in in depth estimate of what is needed to be done.

Paint Preparation


All needed surface preparation is done like high pressure water blasting & any brick & concrete repair that may be needed.

SurGuard Paint Cans


With SureGuard® products your commercial building will have the best protection & aesthetic look that enhances your image.

Project Management

At A&A Masonry, we entrust our projects to skilled project managers who guarantee timely completion, adherence to budget constraints, and exceptional quality standards.

We are committed to reducing the impact on your business and its occupants. Our team excels in executing tasks in active and functioning facilities, adeptly navigating through time-sensitive windows like scheduled shutdowns to ensure minimal disruption.

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What Can We Paint?

This is a versatile protective coating that is used on a wide range of surfaces such as:

  • Brick Walls
  • Stucco
  • Building Foundations
  • Retaining Walls
  • Concrete Walls & Beams
  • Prefabricated and Precast Concrete Walls
  • E.I.F.S. (External Insulated Finishing Systems)
  • Aluminum or Galvanized Siding

It can be applied over old paint to refresh the surface.

Has excellent hiding qualities. Small cracks, imperfections, and uneven surfaces virtually disappear. Also comes in different textures.

SurGuard commercial coating

Exterior Painting Services for Commercial Buildings

Are you looking to upgrade your commercial building with a lasting coating? A&A Masonry’s got your back with top-notch exterior commercial painting services that’ll make your building look refreshed! Our expert painters are true wizards in transforming building exteriors with precision, attention to detail, and a keen eye for colours that complement your commercial property look. Whether it’s a chic office building or a bustling shopping center, our exterior painting services cover every square foot of your building exterior with the finesse it deserves.

Gone are the days of peeling exterior paint and lacklustre exterior walls. At A&A Masonry, we’re all about providing SurGuard<sup>®</sup> Coating to your exterior walls that look fantastic and shield your property from the elements – because, let’s face it, Mother Nature can get unpredictable regarding weather in Toronto. 

Now, when we’re talking exterior surfaces, we mean every inch. We calculate the surface area with laser-like precision and ensure every nook and cranny gets the SurGuard® treatment it needs. Our painting services aren’t just about aesthetics, though. Nope, we dive deep into the science of it, selecting coatings that can brave the sun, rain, and wind – because, let’s be honest, that beautiful paint job needs to last!

A&A Masonry’s commitment to exterior commercial painting excellence means we’re serving up longevity and beauty on the same shiny platter.

Moreover, our prowess stretches across every variation of the word painting – prepping, priming, or the final coating. Our team lives and breathes painting, and we take it seriously – like, super seriously. It’s all about giving your commercial painting project the attention it needs, one stroke at a time. And with our passion for the perfect painting, we guarantee that your exterior painting project will shine.

So, if you’re in the market for a transformation that speaks volumes, it’s time to chat with A&A Masonry. Whether it’s about the sheer square foot scope or the fine detail work, we’re here to ensure your commercial painting needs are met and exceeded. Because in the world of painting and exterior beautification, we’re painting more than just walls – we want you to do your best!

Commercial Painting Estimates: Preparing Your Business for Exterior Painters

Embarking on a commercial painting project can feel as massive as painting an entire city block. When it’s time to spruce up your business’s exterior, getting a detailed estimate is the first step toward transforming your commercial property. At A&A Masonry, we offer high-end commercial exterior painting services tailored to the unique needs of your project. Getting a commercial painting estimate is vital; it ensures that the schedule, costs, and scope of work are transparent right from the get-go.

When preparing for exterior commercial painting, setting up a consultation with expert painters can unveil the precise cost and process required. It’s not just about slapping on a coat of paint; it’s about thorough preparation to give your business that inviting allure. A&A Masonry’s team of professional painters understand the stakes of commercial painting – it’s about creating a welcoming environment while minimizing downtime for your business. This is why we go the extra mile to work efficiently, keeping in mind the importance of completing the job within the set hours to prevent any disruption to your operations.

The preparation doesn’t stop with us! As a business looking to step up its commercial exterior, you’ll want to clear the perimeters and make the access as seamless as possible for the painting crew. This allows for a swift and less intrusive work process, getting you back to business as usual at the earliest. With A&A Masonry, your estimate will detail every aspect—covering all commercial painting and business needs—so there are no surprises.

While some may dread the thought of navigating through commercial painting costs and schedules, we make it our job to streamline the process. Whether it’s one store or a commercial complex, we tackle every coating job with the same precision and commitment. No two businesses are alike, and neither are their commercial exterior painting needs. From choosing the right colors to understanding the workflow, A&A Masonry collaborates closely with each client to tailor the painting services to their specific requirements.

So, if it’s time to revamp your commercial space, don’t let the fear of hidden costs and extended work hours deter you. With A&A Masonry, you’ll get a clear-cut estimate that lays out the path to a freshly painted exterior, letting you schedule with confidence. Trust us to handle the nitty-gritty of commercial painting, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

When you hire A&A Masonry’s painters for your commercial exterior, you’re not just getting a paint job; you’re getting a full-fledged partner in maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of your property. Every member of our painting team is an expert in their craft, ready to tackle your painting project with precision and care. Moreover, we’re passionate about what we do and it shows in the high level of service we consistently deliver to our clients.

Repair and Maintenance of Building Exteriors by Professional Painters

When it comes to maintaining the sleek, professional look of a building’s exterior, frequent repair and a fresh coat of paint would have to happen every few years, thats changed with SurGuard® Coating. Our coating your long lasting protection!

Aside from brick & concrete surfaces, siding, metal surfaces, and other outdoor elements can take a real beating from the weather day in and day out; that’s where A&A Masonry steps in, offering top-of-the-line exterior commercial painting services. Our team of professional painters doesn’t just slap on a bit of color; we’re all about attention to detail. We’ll give your surface area the care it requires so it won’t just look good—it’ll last.

If you’re in the market for services that’ll leave your building looking spic and span, look no further. We’ve also got the repair expertise that’ll fix up any damage or wear before we start painting, ensuring that your exterior won’t just be painted, but also fortified for the long haul.

We don’t use basic paints either. We work with industrial-grade options like our SurGuard®  Acrylic Paint & our SurGuard® Proprietary Blend Urethane Coating provide durable, attractive finishes that really stand out to your clients. And, as you might’ve guessed, painting isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of deal; we adapt our project approaches based on the specific needs of your building.

At A&A Masonry, each painter in our crew is equipped with the professional know-how to ensure your building exteriors are not just maintained but enhanced. From providing expert painting services for repair work to an entire exterior commercial masonry overhaul, we’re on it. Wondering about that surface area that requires a little extra TLC? We’ve got it covered, from preparation work to the final layer of paint, guaranteeing that your building is not just painted but given a protective shield against the elements.

Got a painting project in mind and eager to learn more? Well, based on our extensive experience, we know that every industrial building has its unique challenges. That’s why our services are tailored specifically to meet your needs down to the smallest detail. Whether it’s a complex facade that requires precise work or a large surface craving that professional touch, A&A Masonry’s painters are equipped with the skills to ensure the job’s done right. So next time you’re thinking about getting your building exterior spruced up, consider the pros—it’ll look amazing and stand the test of time, too.

The Strategic Significance of Commercial Exterior Painting in Toronto

In the dynamic landscape of Toronto’s business community, every detail matters. From strategic marketing initiatives to efficient operational practices, success hinges on calculated decisions that enhance brand identity and optimize performance. Among these often-overlooked elements lies a crucial factor: the state of your commercial building’s exterior.

While it might seem superficial compared to internal operations, a well-maintained and professionally painted exterior offers surprisingly diverse benefits that extend far beyond mere aesthetics. Consider these compelling statistics:

  • Research by the National Facilities Management Association found that freshly painted commercial buildings see a 15% average increase in property value, making it a worthwhile investment for both long-term ownership and potential resale.

  • A University of Michigan study reported that a building’s perceived condition directly impacts occupant morale and productivity, with well-maintained exteriors leading to a 5% to 15% increase in employee satisfaction and performance.

  • A study by the American Society of Civil Engineers highlights the importance of preventative maintenance for building longevity, emphasizing that timely exterior painting and repairs can extend the lifespan of a building by as much as 20 years, significantly reducing long-term repair costs.

But the strategic value of commercial exterior painting in Toronto goes beyond statistics. Here are some lesser-discussed aspects that deserve consideration:

1. Building Trust and Reputation: A well-maintained facade communicates professionalism and attention to detail to potential customers and business partners. Conversely, a chipped or faded exterior can create a negative perception of neglect and instability, jeopardizing business relationships.

2. Environmental Responsibility: Sustainable painting practices, such as using low-VOC paints and minimizing waste, demonstrate a commitment to environmental stewardship, a growing concern for clients and employees alike.

3. Brand Consistency: Aligning the building’s exterior color scheme and design with your brand identity creates a cohesive visual experience, strengthening brand recognition and reinforcing your message.

4. Safety and Security: A fresh coat of paint can highlight safety markings and signage, improving workplace safety, while a well-lit exterior can deter unwanted activity and improve the overall security of your premises.

5. Adapting to Modern Trends: New technologies like self-cleaning paints and energy-efficient coatings can offer long-term benefits, reducing maintenance costs and contributing to building sustainability, aligning with Toronto’s progressive urban vision.

In conclusion, the decision to invest in commercial exterior painting shouldn’t be viewed as merely cosmetic. It is a strategic investment with tangible benefits for your business, employees, and the city as a whole. By recognizing the multifaceted value of a well-maintained exterior, Toronto businesses can paint a picture of success, both figuratively and literally.

Ready to unlock the strategic potential of your commercial building’s exterior? Call Now to explore options and discover how a fresh coat of paint can enhance your business in surprising ways.

Transform and Protect Your Commercial Property with Surguard® Coating!

At A&A Masonry, we understand the importance of not only enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your building but also ensuring its long-term durability.

Choose Surguard® Coating for a superior shield against the elements. This advanced, high-performance coating is designed specifically for commercial exteriors, offering unparalleled protection against weathering, fading, and aging.

Don’t just paint it, protect it! Contact A&A Masonry today to give your building the enduring beauty and resilience it deserves with Surguard® Coating. Elevate your property’s appearance and safeguard your investment now!”

A&A Crew