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Tuckpointing, brick pointing, stonework pointing or just pointing as some call it, is removing the old and damaged mortar by chiselling it out of the joints and replacing it with new mortar creating a new protective seal which helps preserve the bricks from further damage and avoiding costly future repairs. Tuck pointing is part of brick restoration, after damaged brick is replaced it is important to tuckpoint any joints that do not have mortar filled in their joints. This is a must to keep out water, humidity, and moisture, preventing damage to the bricks.

Colour Matching
One of the challenges for tuckpointing is to colour match the original colour of the mortar joints so that it is not so noticeable and blends in with the existing brickwork. A&A Masonry has mastered the process of colour matching and gets as close to the original colour as possible.

When You Need Tuckpointing

Finding the Issue
Water can cause significant harm to the entire structure. Signs of wear and tear or ageing include cracks, holes, disintegrating parts, and dust. Regardless of the damage severity, allowing it to continue might cause water to flow into the mortar joints.

Dust, which is more challenging to see, is another indicator of deterioration. Dust and slight disintegration can go unnoticed for a very long period. Drag a key across the old mortar joint to quickly check the mortar’s integrity. When a scratch appears, and fine dust starts to flow from the joint, it might be time to call for tuckpointing services.

Tuckpointing Toronto
Grinding mortar joints

Mortar Joints

Some joints need to be ground out, some have gaping holes that need to be filled in until you reach solid mortar. This is important so that the new mortar is not just put in to cover existing crumbling mortar in the joint. 

A&A Tuckpointing specialists will always carefully replace the old mortar between the brick joints to repair and preserve the brickwork of your home.

What Is Tuckpointing?