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Brick Repair Toronto

Brick repair is part of Masonry restoration, also known as masonry repair or masonry conservation, is the process of repairing, restoring or preserving your homes exterior walls and other elements made of bricks & Stonework. Masonry restoration is a specialized form of preservation that focuses on the repair and maintenance of homes and buildings made primarily out of brick and stone.

Spalling Brick Repair

Spalling is a term used to describe the weathering of a brick surface, which causes it to lose its shape. Spalling can occur on walls, chimneys, and other areas where bricks are placed.

The most common cause of spalling is high water content in mortar joints, which erodes the brick surface. The problem can be corrected by removing the damaged brick or mortar and replacing it with new materials.

Brick is a soft material and can be easily damaged by the elements, which include:

  • freezing and thawing
  • water from rain or snow
  • moisture from air in your home that comes in contact with the brick exterior.

Here’s how we fix spalling bricks:

1) Remove any loose mortar from the joint between the brick and adjacent surface. Use a wire
brush to remove any remaining mortar that has adhered to the brick face.

2) Clean off any dirt from both sides of the damaged area with soap and water, then rinse well with clean water. Allow drying completely before proceeding further with repairs.

Failing Masonry! Why?
And the fix!


Historic Brick Restoration

It’s no secret that historic buildings are important, but why?

Historic buildings are important because they represent a specific place and time. They make us feel like we’re stepping back in time when we visit them – whether that’s a castle or a museum. 

Historic buildings provide insight into the past and can help us learn about our ancestors’ lives. In addition to being educational, restoring historic buildings boosts the economy by creating jobs for architects, contractors, builders and more!

These building were typically made out either brick or stone or in most cases both. Replacing bricks or stone is usually necessary. It’s important of course to match the brick replacement with exact match bricks so that original look is maintained whenever possible.

Under Historic restoration, there are now many homes that are over a century old and are considered “heritage homes” and are protected as such under Canadian Law.

With one’s Home and even in the Commercial building industry some materials have been used for so long that people have forgotten the importance of proper care. Brick repair, restoration and masonry repair are all important things we should be aware of.

Brick is one of the most popular building materials available today. It’s durable, sustainable and versatile in its uses. However, it can crack or erode over time if not properly cared for. If you notice your brick is starting to look worn out or damaged then it may be time to consider some repairs.

Brick repair or brick restoration can transform your home, giving it a new lease of life. Whether you want to restore the look of the brickwork on your house or replace defective bricks, our team can help. We have years of experience in restoring homes using traditional techniques and materials such as brick or stone. We’re fully insured and offer free quotes for all work carried out by us. So fix your home now!

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