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A&A Masonry is Oakville's brick repair contractor.

Brick Repair Oakville

Brick Repair & Brick Restoration Oakville

Brick and concrete, like all other materials, need to be repaired over time. It can be more obvious depending on how it is used and the environment in which it is placed. This could lead to more damage. Anyone who has masonry on their property or home needs to be familiar with the basics of concrete and brick repairs. You don’t have to do the repairs yourself in all cases. However, it is important to understand when bricks need to be repaired and what the cost will be.

Masonry Repair Oakville

The most common type for brick repairs in Oakville that properties need is cracked or loose brick repair. Brick damage can be caused by impacts (cars, trucks, etc. ), water damage, or ice damage. We will not only fix the damage, but we will also identify the root cause to ensure your property is protected in the future.

Bricks that are cracked or broken will only get worse. You must repair it immediately to avoid additional costs.

Spalling Brick Repair

Running water for a few Canadian winters can cause spalling brick damage. This can be fixed by placing metal flashing or a sill on the affected area. To prevent future spalling, it is necessary to replace the bricks that have been damaged by running water with similar bricks.

You can see here in the video below that many bricks on the side of the home that have spalled. As moisture and water gets into the bricks combined with the freeze thaw cycle of the different seasons, it causes the bricks to spall. Spalling can be an aesthetic issue, but it can lead to serious structural damage requiring extensive repair work.

Older bricks deteriorate through spalling as a result of moisture penetration, eventually resulting in the brick crumbling and the wall eventually failing.

The video below also show A&A does to fix spalling bricks and protect the home.

So don’t wait, contact us today and let the experts take care of it!

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Spalling Bricks

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Brick Repair Oakville

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